To get better at anything, you need to do the thing

There are many different approaches to teaching and learning. Some people believe we each have different learning strengths, that some of us learn better by listening than by reading, or by observing rather than listening. Others claim that’s not true, that we all learn by doing. The ways we learn I’m not an expert in education, though I was a corporate trainer and also taught … Continue reading To get better at anything, you need to do the thing

Easy Pose with Forward Fold

3 Easy Yoga Poses for Travelers

Traveling is fun! It opens your mind to new experiences and keeps your brain young. But it can be oh so tiring sometimes, especially if you’re on the road during the busiest times of the year. Whether you’re traveling by plane, car, or hoverboard, it’s possible you’ll experience some form of stiffness or fatigue once you finally arrive. Travelers’ fatigue crosses all economic and body-size boundaries. … Continue reading 3 Easy Yoga Poses for Travelers

Friday Favorite Five

1. Ten of NYC’s coolest women talk about their hair, via Refinery29 Daily hair routines can be fascinating!   2. FTC says pills claiming to reverse grey hair are misleading, via The Consumerist Because science. I WANT TO BELIEVE.   3. Real-life reproduction of the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck, via Boing Boing Shot in Haiti by Belgian photographer Alice Smeets. Visit the Indiegogo page to support the project!   … Continue reading Friday Favorite Five