No-Sugar-Added Chocolate Banana Bread

Welcome, summer! Here’s a nice, easy recipe that makes a delicious and pretty healthy treat when paired with summertime berries like strawberries. I used what was on hand, but you can easily make this vegan or gluten-free by substituting some of the ingredients! Hope you enjoy 🙂 No-Sugar-Added Chocolate Banana Bread Ingredients 3 ripe bananas, mashed 1/2 cup stevia-erythritol blend (I used Steviva) or granulated stevia 1/8 cup … Continue reading No-Sugar-Added Chocolate Banana Bread

Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Bars

To see all recipes, scroll to the top and click on Recipes or just click here! If you read my last post about protein bars and tried them yourself, I’m hoping you either loved them so much exactly the way they were that you didn’t change a thing OR that you changed up a bunch and made your own custom version! As for me, I’ve now made several … Continue reading Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Bars

How to Make Collard Wraps

Collard wraps are an easy, portable way to get your greens and other veggies. Sometimes, it’s hard to carry a salad for lunch or a snack. Small containers make it necessary to limit the amount of goodies in your salad; you need to carry silverware; you must juggle a salad container, napkin, and fork… not to mention the possibility of spilling your salad dressing! Wraps … Continue reading How to Make Collard Wraps

No-Sugar-Added Mini Banana Cookie Bites (Gluten-Free)

Happy Easter / Passover / Ostara! Whatever it is you’re celebrating, even if it’s nothing, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ve got a day off, which I’m going to spend checking out the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the de Young Museum and riding my bike around the city with my honey. As for baking and cooking, well, I have to admit that … Continue reading No-Sugar-Added Mini Banana Cookie Bites (Gluten-Free)

No-Sugar-Added Apple Tartlets

Made with a whole wheat crust and with no sugar in the filling, these 5-inch apple tarts are the perfect, healthy dessert. They’re filling enough to share, but delicious enough to be indulgent without completely going overboard. They’re perfectly sweet as-is, and they’re hearty enough to eat for breakfast! Ahem. I made two 5-inch tartlets, but if you could also make one large tart. An … Continue reading No-Sugar-Added Apple Tartlets