Want to be a writer? You need to do this one thing.

You need to read. That’s it. That’s the post. Actually, there’s much more to it (for instance, you also need to write), but if you remember one thing today, that’s it. If you want to write, first you need to read. What are you reading, and what do you want to write? A few years ago, I was talking with someone I consider a fantastic … Continue reading Want to be a writer? You need to do this one thing.

Llewellyn Moon Signs Book + San Francisco Marathon!

Greetings, dear readers! Happy Friday! I have two fun things to share with you today and I hope they make you smile, wherever you are. The Wipro San Francisco Marathon—done!   The first announcement is that it’s done! I ran a marathon! Holy cow! I DID the San Francisco Marathon this past Sunday ~ success! It’s done, I did it… I done did it. 😉 … Continue reading Llewellyn Moon Signs Book + San Francisco Marathon!

Things I Love Thursday

Happy almost-Friday and almost-holiday weekend again! It is truly hard to believe it’s going to be 2012 in just a few days. I’m ready for a new year and ready to get it started now! In the meantime, here are some faves from around the webs this week. Enjoy! 1. Planetary Chocolates Okay, these are just adorable. Venus looks carmel-y! 2. Oh She Glows: Top 5 … Continue reading Things I Love Thursday

2011: Top Five Bests

Looking back at the year, the months seem like a swirl of running, biking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, writing, reading, and cooking. Good thing those are some of my most favorite activities! The year was also filled with some heavy, high emotions and deep, soul-searching (and soul-baring) moments in my meditation practice, my race training, my writing, my search for writing and editing work, and my … Continue reading 2011: Top Five Bests