How to Find Peace in a Crazy World in 9 Easy Steps

I’m sure many of you will be able to relate when I say, I am pulled in many directions these days. All the many different areas of my life compete for attention at any given moment: family, work, relationships, friendships… toss in health maintenance, fitness, cooking / eating, finances, pets, creative and intellectual outlets… and you’ve got yourself quite a chopped salad of life. The thing … Continue reading How to Find Peace in a Crazy World in 9 Easy Steps

Things I Love Thursday

Spring has sprung. Well, then! Last week’s rain/slow/sleepy vibe gave way this week to activity and bustling work. I’ll take it! Not much of an intro this week 🙂 So let’s jump right into the Must-Share goodies from the last week. Enjoy! 1. Acid Drops, by Dylan Rieder on Vimeo: Really cool and beautiful hand-painted videos of skateboarders. Everything about this is dreamy: the concept, … Continue reading Things I Love Thursday