Race Recap: Mermaid East Bay Run

When I signed up for the Mermaid East Bay Run many moons ago, I planned on doing their debut 18-mile race, called the Sirena18. But when my IT band started acting up a month ago, I knew that would be a poor choice, so I changed my race to the Half Marathon. I have the San Francisco Marathon coming up at the end of July … Continue reading Race Recap: Mermaid East Bay Run

Things I Love Thursday

Following the tradition of great bloggers and photographers around the globe, I’m instituting one of my favorite bloggy themes: Things I Love Thursday, also sometimes known as Thursday Things. Ten things (or thereabouts) from around the Internets that I love for any reason. It’s random and educational! 🙂 Enjoy and happy almost-Friday. 1. Yoga with Santa Brought to you by the creative minds at Sanga Yoga, … Continue reading Things I Love Thursday