Easy tips to stop the nounification of your verbs

Energize your writing with strong verbs Sometimes editing your writing drains your energy. Sometimes, you take a look at one long, meandering paragraph, and can only think, That’s it. It has spiraled out of control and there’s nothing more I can do. Godspeed, young paragraph. I wish you well. It’s often helpful to step away for a day, then return to the edits. One thing … Continue reading Easy tips to stop the nounification of your verbs

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday! And happy sum-sum-summertime to youuuu! Why are you inside looking at the Interwebs instead of picnicking, sailing, or napping in a hammock? Oh, right. You’re probably at work, procrastinating. Well, procrastinate away today. I’ve got some fab-o links for you to peruse, read, and get inspired by. Check ’em out! Then get outside for some fresh air and sunshine! Promise?? 1. Cheap chic … Continue reading Things I Love Thursday