3 Easy Yoga Poses for Travelers

Easy Pose with Forward Fold

Traveling is fun! It opens your mind to new experiences and keeps your brain young. But it can be oh so tiring sometimes, especially if you’re on the road during the busiest times of the year. Whether you’re traveling by plane, car, or hoverboard, it’s possible you’ll¬†experience some form of stiffness or fatigue once you […]

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Yoga Poses for Your IT Band

If you’re a runner, you might be familiar with the sharp, icy-feeling, or cramp-like pain in your knee or hip caused by a tight IT (iliotibial) band. Lots of other people have written excellent posts about what the IT band is and how you can strengthen, stretch, and heal what’s known as IT Band Syndrome […]

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Yoga Poses to Ease Your Travels

‘Tis the season to prevent stiffnes and achey limbs from traveling in small spaces. Reviatlize quickly with this trio of restorative yoga poses, suitable for all bodies and fitness levels! Travelers’ Trio It’s that time of year when we spend hours on our feet in long lines only to cram ourselves into tiny airplane seats […]

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