Casual Friday

Friday Favorite Five

1. StatShot: a new way to track your Instagram likes, follows, and comments, via Photojojo Get a daily email with updates! For free!   2. Why Americans dress so casually, via The Washington Post A fascinating interview with Deirdre Clemente, a 20th-century cultural historian. 3. How the Smiths pioneered normcore, via GQ And on THAT note, here’s some evidence of the lingering effects of the dowdy-as-a-statement style worn by our favorite … Continue reading Friday Favorite Five

Friday Favorite Five

1. Ten things you can do today to get happy and healthy, via Athleta Chi And they’re all FREE!   2. The 15 best haircolor transformations of all time, via Vogue Which do YOU like best?   3. How to choose the right haircolor for your skin tone, via It’s not always as straightforward as warm=warm and cool=cool.   4. Voluminous waves for fine, thin hair, via It’s … Continue reading Friday Favorite Five

Friday Favorite Five

Today’s post is sponsored by springtime running and small, fluffy animals. Enjoy! 1. How to get this stunning, wavy bob for your next wedding or event, via This updo requires long locks. If you don’t have that much hair, consider extensions. 2. The serious running brand with a preppy, New England style, via Well + Good It’s about time! Tracksmith, the new brand for people who are … Continue reading Friday Favorite Five

Llewellyn Moon Signs Book + San Francisco Marathon!

Greetings, dear readers! Happy Friday! I have two fun things to share with you today and I hope they make you smile, wherever you are. The Wipro San Francisco Marathon—done!   The first announcement is that it’s done! I ran a marathon! Holy cow! I DID the San Francisco Marathon this past Sunday ~ success! It’s done, I did it… I done did it. 😉 … Continue reading Llewellyn Moon Signs Book + San Francisco Marathon!

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday! And happy sum-sum-summertime to youuuu! Why are you inside looking at the Interwebs instead of picnicking, sailing, or napping in a hammock? Oh, right. You’re probably at work, procrastinating. Well, procrastinate away today. I’ve got some fab-o links for you to peruse, read, and get inspired by. Check ’em out! Then get outside for some fresh air and sunshine! Promise?? 1. Cheap chic … Continue reading Things I Love Thursday