Pool at the Nob Hill Spa

Friday Favorite Five

Happy almost-weekend! Check out these cool things I found.

1. 5 Underrated U.S. National Parks, via The Everygirl

I loves me some Pinnacles. Someday will try out the rest of these!

Minipresso miniature espresso maker

2. The World’s Smallest Outdoor Espresso Maker, via Design Milk

Is there anything cuter or more needed for a camping trip (in, say, Pinnacles)?

Yawning tabby kitten

3. 5 Ways Cats Make You Healthier, via Rodale Wellness

I knew it! I’m gonna live forever! (I’m gonna learn how to fly … high! I feel it coming together …)

Pool at the Nob Hill Spa

4. The 9 Best Swimming Pools in San Francisco, via SFist

Umm, just in time for June Gloom. And Grey July. And Fogust. Maybe will be useful in September!

Home goods in a desert palette

5. Trend: Desert Days via Adore Magazine

This gorgeous palette soothes my weary eyeballs and makes me want to don a Pucci sundress and drink pomegranate iced tea all day. Shall we this weekend?


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