pastel mandala

Friday Favorite Five

Happy Friday, peeps! Check out some cool things I’ve rounded up from the Internets recently.

1. Design Trend Alert: Mandalas, via Creative Market Blog

pastel mandala
Mandala by Della_Liner on CMB

The idea of design that’s been around for, oh, several thousands of years as a “trend” is kind of silly to me, but I do love mandalas dearly. The more people who are turned on to their beauty, sacred geometry, balance, and meditative aspect, the better!

2. The Primary Archetype Test, via Cerries Mooney

inspiring images
Sage / Alchemist inspiration board via Cerries Mooney

A unique approach for those looking for guidance, whether that’s soulful branding, personal exploration, or new business paths. Are you a Creator, Romantic, Explorer, Jester …? There are many options, or you could be a combo of two or more! Turns out I’m an Alchemist, which is synchronistic because I’ve had magic on the brain a lot recently. The images and words for Alchemist resonate with my own interests, so I’m exploring this further. Take the test and get a PDF with descriptions, plus loads of beautiful designs and inspiring images to help develop your archetype. What are YOU?

3. The Anti-To-Do List, via Slate

It’s not what you think! To-do lists are fantastic ways to actually get shit done. The author here is talking about DONE lists. I’ve been a huge fan of tracking my accomplishments ever since I was required to back in the Google days, so many years ago. It’s an excellent way to prove to yourself that you haven’t actually slacked around all week, and it’s a tremendous boost when you’re feeling imposter syndrome. I write mine out on Fridays. Will you try today, too?

4. The Goodshopper blog, via

woman canoeing with snowy mountains in the background
Image via The Goodshopper

Oh, heyyy, Blatant Self-Promotion, happy Friday! 😉 Who’s behind this redesign and soft re-launch?? Hee hee. This has been a really fun and satisfying project at work, and it’s exciting to imagine (and map out!) where it will go.

5. Re-Color App — Coloring Book for Adults, via the iTunes App Store


The adult coloring book craze is a good thing. I’ve been using coloring books as a tool to get through creative blocks for at least a decade! I think they can be hugely relaxing, satisfying, and creative. But it’s also hard to lug them around with a bag full of pencils or markers. There are several coloring book apps out there, but Re-Color is by far — by leaps and bounds!! — the best one out there. The designs are phenomenal: top-notch illustrations, fantastic palettes to choose from, and overlays to give your final design an extra edge. I’ve used it with my fingertips and a stylus and I prefer a stylus, but that’s just me. Fingertips are easy! This way, I can color on the train, on the go, anywhere and any time I want. Try it and see if you love it as much as I do.


Have a great weekend!! xox


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