Friday Favorite Five

Happy Friday! Here’s some cool stuff I found for your almost-weekend pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Marimekko for Target coming April 17, via Design Milk

Oooh, I am SO ready for this.

2. These spring break episodes are better than the real thing, via Refinery29

A virtual reality trip to the land of shots and string bikinis, for those of us who don’t get spring break. Whoo-hoo! (Side note: gah, I loved Laguna Beach and The O.C. Sigh!) 

3. The extravagant beauty of feathers, via Smithsonian Magazine

There is a peculiar notion

that elegant plumage and fine feathers

are not proper for the man

When actually that is the way things are

with most species!

4. El Seed reveals an impressive anamorphosis creation in Cairo, via Ufunk

Mind-blowing urban calligraphy. Every city should have something like this!

5. Vika Falileeva turns up the heat in Schon by Marian Sell, via Fashion Gone Rogue

This shoot is like some hot summer dream. Dreamy! And so dark. Love it.  

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