Friday Favorite Five

1. 36 pictures to show you which muscles you’re stretching, via Be Young, Be Green

Ever wondered exactly what is going on, or what should be happening, when you’re practicing yoga or stretching after a workout? These photos and accompanying text will help you out!

2. Sharpen your copywriting skills: 125 quick tips, via Social Media Today

125 tips sounds like a lot, but they’re short ‘n’ dirty tips. From studying magazine covers to using alliteration and onomatopoeia, these will help you get unstuck in no time.

3. Making the mummies dense, an exploration of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new logo, via Brand New

I loathe the “Met’s” new logo. It grits my eyes and makes me unbalanced. Brand New, as always, has a fab analysis of the rebranding. What do you think of it?

4. ComboPhoto: the new improbable mashups of Stephen McMennamy, via Ufunk

These mashed-up photos are much more pleasing to my brain and eyeballs. So creative!

5. The secret lives of Tumblr teens, via New Republic

A longread for sure, but fascinating! The story of a few teens who got really rich and successful thanks to Tumblr, and their ultimate demise. A great story about their motivation, strategy, and manipulative skills, as much as it is about Tumblr’s safe haven anonymous zone. I’m happy we didn’t have the Internet when I was a teen, but I would’ve loved Tumblr ❤️

Have a great weekend!

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