Book, image via Creative Commons

Friday Favorite Five

Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s some good stuff for your EOW reading pleasure.

1. 20 things all book lovers wish someone would say to them, via Goodreads

“All rainy days are hereby declared reading only days.” Bring it on, El Niño!

2. Infinite Loop: a truly mesmerizing animation short film, via Ufunk

Heaven knows I’ve had days like this.



3. The Minimalism documentary tour 2016, via The Minimalists

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you already know I’m a fan of these guys, so I can’t wait for the movie. Already got my tickets for SF in May. Go see it in your city!



4. 5 healthy eating trends that will rule in 2016, via Rodale’s Organic Life

Bowls, seaweed, matcha, adaptogens, and small-batch nut milk: consider me on board for trendy + healthy + delicious! What’s your favorite?



5. Radically changing the meaning of a movie by adding three letters, via Upvoted

I’m waiting for Point Breaking, the sad tale of my favorite pencil.


Have a great weekend 😀


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