Friday Favorite Five: Happy 2016!


Happy new year, friends! Wishing you a satisfying, gratifying, brave, and successful 2016 😊 Here’s a little roundup of some favorite end-of-year best-ofs and start-of-year to-dos, to help get the new stuff on the right track. Enjoy!

1. 16 career-boosting lists to make in 2016, via The Muse

If you are a list-maker like I am, you’ll get a lot out of these creative suggestions.

2. The top 16 wellness trends of 2016, via Well + Good

I’m super-excited for wellness trends in 2016 (well, always, really), and will be watching this space closely. Stay tuned!

3. The most stylish music videos of 2015, via Fashionista

Now you’re all caught up πŸ˜‰ It was all SO colorful, except when it was all black. Keeping my eye on Ms Twigs, in particular, for more fashion news.

4. The top 10 Lifehacker posts of all time, via Lifehacker (duh)

Ten years?! Wow. The site that made us have to ban the word “hack” from my house unless you are actually referring to software hacking has come so far! πŸ‘πŸΌ These posts are great and worth the perusal. Looking forward to many more life TIPS in 2016!

5. 16 posts that’ll make you excited to be a writer in 2016, via the Boost Blog Traffic Blog

A longread to get through all of them, but inspiring.

Off to make some lists and get organized πŸ˜‰ Best wishes for all of your endeavors in the new year!

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