Friday Favorite Five

1. 20 bizarre gifts for under $5 on Amazon, via Mashable

Sharing mostly because I can’t believe this cute Nessie ladle is only $2.

2. 20 stylish ’70s movies everyone should see, via GQ

From the fetish-y Clockwork Orange to super-preppy Love Story, it’s impossible to pick a fave.


3. Can you pass this financial literary test? via BoingBoing

Only 33% of 150k people in 140 countries could. Yikes. Take the test, then if you’re feeling wobbly about your answers, maybe check out some free finance courses online at Khan Academy (not a paid promotion, just a personal favorite).

Deposit your budget for investment

4. 20 misused English words that make smart people look silly, via Quartz

A friendly reminder from your neighborhood grammar girl.



5. If Pantene is so good, why isn’t it sold in salons? via The Beauty Brains

It’s so controversial! DOES it coat your hair? Make it fall out? Or is it just business politics at play? Listen to the podcast and find out (Pantene info starts around 13:20).


Have a great weekend! 😀


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