David Bowie by Mick Rock

Friday Favorite Five

1. Photographer Mick Rock reminisces about shooting Ziggy Stardust, via Vice

Unff! The dreamiest dream job ever in the universe. Backstage alone with Bowie?? With Bowie looking at you like that!?!?  YES PLEASE THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED!

2. The UK has banned this Christina Hendricks Clairol red-to-blonde haircolor commercial for being misleading, via Jezebel

Well, it IS misleading. You simply can’t go from red to blonde using box color. Color can’t lift color. You will end up with disastrous results and then have to pay me huge fees to do a color correction. Which I’m happy to do, but you? Maybe not so much.  If only the US was as stringent with its advertising standards!

Christina Hendricks for Clairol
Christina Hendricks for Clairol


3. Does your hair really change every 7 years?  via Allure

Short answer: yes! Learn how — it’s science!

Hair growth phases (image via Wikimedia Commons)
Hair growth phases (image via Wikimedia Commons)


4. How to decorate with skulls, via PopSugar Home

These gold bookends are my fave!

Gold skull bookends
Gold skull bookends


5. This is what happens when you put on a black turtleneck, via Refinery 29

Sometimes I think black turtlenecks are my soul mate of clothing. Don’t you agree?

Jackie Kennedy, icon
Jackie Kennedy, icon

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