Casual Friday

Friday Favorite Five

1. StatShot: a new way to track your Instagram likes, follows, and comments, via Photojojo

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StatShot for Instagram
StatShot for Instagram


2. Why Americans dress so casually, via The Washington Post

A fascinating interview with Deirdre Clemente, a 20th-century cultural historian.

3. How the Smiths pioneered normcore, via GQ

And on THAT note, here’s some evidence of the lingering effects of the dowdy-as-a-statement style worn by our favorite depressives.



4. Everest: The Movie reviewed by the National Geographic adventure blog, via Beyond the Edge

It’s a little-known fact around here that I’m obsessed with outdoor survival and adventure stories. Into Thin Air is one of my favorite books of all time. So I cannot wait to see what Hollywood has done in this drama-fied, Beautiful-Peopled version of the story!!

Everest: The Movie
Everest: The Movie


5. Dressing for your dosha, via The Numinous

If you work with Ayurveda, you probably already know some things to eat and drink that are balancing and unbalancing for your dosha (your primary constitution). But have you ever thought about how the things you put ON your body also affect your dosha? Read this fun article for some tips!

Dressing for your dosha
Dressing for your dosha

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