Friday Favorite Five

1. Do cosmetic ingredients really penetrate skin? via The Beauty Brains

Well, do they, punk?


2. Hair-dyeing fun with Pravana Locked-In, via HairCrazy

Looks like it does what it says it will! Can’t wait to play with these soon!

Pravana Locked-In
Pravana Locked-In


3. How to make cookie-cutter bird feeders, via Mashable

I love feeding the birds, don’t you?

DIY bird feeders
DIY bird feeders


4. Air-drying your hair: from floofy + frizzy to relaxed + romantic, via Maskcara

EXCELLENT tips here, especially for summertime.

Airdrying with Maskcara
Airdrying with Maskcara


5. How to get the haircut you want, via Into the Gloss

Learning how to communicate in “hair terms” is a great first step! Building trust with a hairstylist you relate to is the next essential step 🙂

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