Friday Favorite Five

Today’s Favorites are brought to you by summertime weekends! Enjoy 🙂

1. Turn any weekend into a refreshing mini vacation, via Apartment Therapy

I’m down! Besides, I love playing tourist in my fabulous San Francisco!

Image via Apartment Therapy
Image via Apartment Therapy


2. Clear out and make over a cluttered and boring corner, also via Apartment Therapy

OR you could do this in a weekend. I have a few corners I’d love to make over…

No longer a boring corner!
No longer a boring corner!


3. The six best swimming pools in San Francisco, via SFist

Then again, there’s always lounging by the pool as an option. I’d go to San Jo for this one!

Fairmont San Jose
Fairmont San Jose


4. Make a DIY solar USB charger in an Altoids tin, via Instructables

And then take it with you on a camping trip the next weekend! So cool.

DIY solar USB charger
DIY solar USB charger


5. 75 summer books about San Francisco, via 7×7

Ooooooorrrrrr, just download all of these (or buy the paperbacks and stack ’em up) and settle into a lounge chair with an iced tea for the entire weekend. I’m not sure, but I think this might be my favorite choice of them all 😉

Image via 7x7
Image via 7×7

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