Friday Favorite Five

1. Ten things you can do today to get happy and healthy, via Athleta Chi

And they’re all FREE!

Get happy and healthy!
Get happy and healthy!


2. The 15 best haircolor transformations of all time, via Vogue

Which do YOU like best?

Lucille Ball's haircolor transformation
Lucille Ball’s haircolor transformation


3. How to choose the right haircolor for your skin tone, via

It’s not always as straightforward as warm=warm and cool=cool.

Reese Witherspoon's "baby blonde"
Reese Witherspoon’s “baby blonde”


4. Voluminous waves for fine, thin hair, via

It’s not impossible! Use the right products and tools!

Fine hair CAN get volumized!
Fine hair CAN get volumized!


5. The newest trend in dog hair trimming = perfectly square or round! via Ufunk

Not weird at all! 😉

Square-trimmed dog
Square-trimmed dog

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