Friday Favorite Five

Today’s post is sponsored by springtime running and small, fluffy animals. Enjoy!

1. How to get this stunning, wavy bob for your next wedding or event, via

This updo requires long locks. If you don’t have that much hair, consider extensions.

Lorna Evans Wavy Bob Updo
Lorna Evans Wavy Bob Updo

2. The serious running brand with a preppy, New England style, via Well + Good

It’s about time! Tracksmith, the new brand for people who are sick to death of neon, lululemon, and ’80s revival running clothes!

Tracksmith Activewear
Tracksmith Activewear

3. Your body on running, via Prevention

Ten things that are happening to your body every time you go for a run. Get out there and do it!

Your Body on Running
Your Body on Running

4. Shannon Ann Philips models with cats for Glamour Italia, via Fashion Gone Rogue

Next up: cats on the runway! (just kidding)

Cats in Fashion
Cats in Fashion

5. The amazing and fluffy world of angora rabbits, via Ufunk

Amazing! And so fluffy!

Angora Rabbits
Angora Rabbits

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