Friday Favorite Five

1. Schiaparelli Spring 2015, via Vogue UK

Stunning colors, sleek and moulded hair

00330h_592x888_1 00020h_592x888_1 00160h_592x888


2. Sneak preview of the OMG fashion of “Mad Men”‘s final episodes!! via Fashionista




3. Acupuncture socks? Yes, please! via Into the Gloss

No, they’re not filled with needles. I haven’t tried them, but would like to very, very soon.


4. “Self-care isn’t a reward. It’s part of the process.” via Lifehacker

Just that quote alone. You MUST make taking good care of yourself a priority if you ever intend to do anything for others!


5. This Amethyst hotel. WHOAAAA. via Curbed

download (2).png




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