Friday Favorite Five

I’m so happy to be reviving a blend of my two favorite blog posts from years past: Things I Love Thursday + Friday Five. I’m creating a new category: Friday Favorite Five! Here are my pics for this week. Let me know what you think! Have a fabulous weekend!

1. Don’t Let Your Past Reflect Your Future via Wella

It’s a couple of months old, but this short interview with Rolando Aqui, a Wella colorist in Las Vegas, keeps inspiring me!

2. How to Talk About Your Unconventional Background in a Conventional World via The Art of Manliness

Helpful! Especially if you’re a former writer/editor/yoga teacher/fire dancer/stilt walker/DJ/music industry drone turned hairstylist. Ahem 😉 That’s a lot of slashes!

3. 14 San Francisco Salons for Rad Color via Racked SF

Including Posh and my color mentor, Lori, at #2!

4. Style Direction 2015: Stepford Witch via Gala Darling

My bloggy heroine, Gala Darling, nails it again. I am obsessing over this style idea right now! “A matte black manicure and a tan… Pilates and astral projection…” Yes, please!!

5. And along those lines, always remembering when THIS is the appropriate attitude to adopt (William Hamilton via The New Yorker):


Have a fabulous weekend!

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