A Year of Natural Health & Beauty Tip #37: Set Boundaries for News

Image by James Cridland via Flickr

I’m no hermit, nor am I one of those people who believe you should avoid the mainstream media at all costs, never read the news, and only repeat affirmations and mantras all day long. That said, affirmations and mantras can be wonderful tools for transformation! 😉

But reading and listening to the news can be stressful, disheartening, and morbid. Not to mention misleading. No matter how many radio stations, TV channels, newspapers, websites, and blogs you absorb information through, you still aren’t getting the whole story—about anything.

It’s very easy to get caught in a trap of reading the paper in the morning, blogs throughout the day, listening to news radio on your commute home, and ending the day with nightly news or talk show recaps of the day’s events. Is that cycle really helping your life?

For your mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical health, consider setting boundaries around news. Maybe start by limiting yourself to only listening to the news during your commute—no websites, news blogs, or talk radio during the day or when you get home. Or watch your favorite morning news program, but limit it to that.

Limiting your news resources gives you the option of talking to other people, finding out “the word on the street” the old-fashioned way. If something is truly crucial, you will find out about it.

Once you’ve learned to set limits, you might even consider advanced training: going a full weekend without any news. From there, you can grow to super-advanced training, by limiting social media and blogs (gasp!).

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Questions for readers:

Can you do it?

HAVE you done it?

If so, what limits do you set for absorbing news in your daily life?

6 thoughts on “A Year of Natural Health & Beauty Tip #37: Set Boundaries for News

  1. I work as a TV news assignment editor and I absolutely agree with you. I do notice my mood and outlook really shifts on weeks when we’re covering particularly violent and/or upsetting stories. I make a real effort to take my breaks throughout the day and have periods of time where I opt out of keeping up with the news cycle. Yes, it’s important to stay informed in order to be a responsible citizen but i don’t see the wisdom of staying constantly keyed up or going out of one’s way to know every gory detail about events we can do absolutely nothing about. I think, like nutrition, it’s about being mindful, realizing that the images and words we take in DO affect us.

  2. I love this tip ! I completely tune out from time to time because news can be so depressing and overwhelming. I’m usually the one that doesn’t know the latest news 🙂 Ignorance in this case is definitely bliss !

  3. I have been doing this for several years now and I feel less depressed and anxious. It’s vital to stay alert of the important news, yes, but all the other negative stuff is hurtful to ones soul. Good advice here.

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