A Year of Natural Health & Beauty Tip #35: Use Raw Honey to Heal Wounds & Prevent Scars

Image by Scott Baue via Wikimedia Commons

Raw honey has fantastic antibacterial properties that can keep small wounds clean, speed their healing, and prevent scars. Recent clinical and lab studies have found that a bit of raw honey can effectively treat small cuts and burns as well as store-bought treatments.

The next time you come home with scratches from gardening, nicks from hiking, or small burns from cooking, reach for the honey. Just clean your wound gently with simple soap and water, pat dry, and spread on the golden bliss. If your wound needs to be covered, apply gauze. Reapply the honey when you change the dressing, once a day until healed.

Stuff to Know:

  • If you are severely wounded, bleeding, dizzy, or otherwise unstable, please see a doctor immediately.
  • Make sure your hands are clean and free of debris, grease, and other residue before applying honey to any wound.
  • Be extraordinarily gentle!

Questions for readers:

Do you ever use honey for its antibacterial properties?


4 thoughts on “A Year of Natural Health & Beauty Tip #35: Use Raw Honey to Heal Wounds & Prevent Scars

  1. Make sure the honey you purchase states that it is raw honey. Raw honey should be unheated, unfiltered and unprocessed. Typically the best place to find raw honey are farmer’s markets, and local health food stores. Support your local beekeeper!

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