Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday! Been up to anything fun this week? I’ve been enjoying the gorgeous San Francisco weather while getting ready for Saturday’s Mermaid Triathlon; feeling crafty; and taking a few steps away from the computer to focus on old-school, analog media like books and such. That said, I’ve found some super-cool links to share with you today. Sit back and enjoy the ride 🙂

1. How to build great contractor relationships, via Mashable

“Don’t become the client you hate,” and “Communicate openly from the start,” are two great pieces of advice for anyone hiring a contractor or freelancer. But they’re also great tips FOR contractors! Whether you’re hiring or the one being hired, take a minute to review these nuggets of wisdom.

2. Camel Thorn Trees in Namibia, via National Geographic

Erm… yes, that’s a photograph, not a painting. WOW!

Photograph by Frans Lanting, National Geographic

3. Make this crocheted seed bead bracelet, via Cut Out and Craft (via CRAFT)

A relatively simple project, cheap, cute, and summery. Perfect!

4. Three things to do today to build your self-confidence, via The Positivity Blog

Stepping outside your comfort zone is one of those tips that always sounds better in theory than in practice, doesn’t it? 😉 But I can attest to a very recent, personal experience of stepping outside my comfort zone to establish some new habits in a certain relationship…and whoa, what a difference it has made in my own confidence in dealing with this person AND in THEIR response/reaction to me! Get dirty, feel the muck, don’t be scared to be uncomfortable. You’ll grow from it!

5. Homemade organic ice cream in only 10 minutes, via Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

No need for a fancy ice cream maker when you’ve got two freezer baggies! Sum-sum-summertime deliciousness: homemade, easy, and cheap 🙂

6. ArtAround app maps public and street art in San Francisco and D.C., via 7×7

San Francisco and D.C. both have some amazing, eye-popping street art and public art, but it can be hard to know exactly where it’s all located. Worry no more! The ArtAround app for iPhone and Android maps the location of murals, public art, and must-see street art in the two cities.

7. Laurie Anderson’s commencement speech for the School of Visual Arts at Radio City Music Hall

“No one will ever ask you to do the thing you really want to do… do not wait for this to happen. It will never happen. Things will happen to you, but this will never happen. So just think of what you would like to do—what you dream of doing—and just start doing it.”

8. Tips to surf like Kelly Slater, via Outside Magazine

Good luck! 😉

9. You or someone you know might be a “brogrammer”

Take this quiz to find out for sure!

10. Finally, MTV News from 1993 reports on San Francisco’s emerging technopagan cyberculture

Andy Frith, Terence McKenna, Genesis P. Orridge, The Shaman, and more… oontz, oontz, oontz.

Well, friends, hope you enjoyed ’em 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

What are some great things you’ve seen this week?

Got any fun plans for the weekend?

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