Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday! Been busy as a bumblebee over here but that doesn’t mean I have nothing to share. For YOU? My wonderful readers? I share love… and the following links, which may or may not suit your Thursday needs, wishes, or desires, but nevertheless are here for you to click and peruse at your leisure.

Away we go!

1. What they don’t tell you at graduation, via the Wall Street Journal

Commencement speeches areΒ meant to be inspiring. But this? Is the real deal. Read it and get yourself back in the game of life.

2. The Playboy Club Bunny Manual, via The Selvedge Yard

A scanned (and scannable!) copy of the original manual from way back when, including info on Bunny Council Meetings and how to avoid getting demerits. Worth a retro read πŸ™‚

3. Magnetic implants to attach your iPod to your arm? Why not? Via Geekologie

Also handy for keeping track of tiny screws, nails, and jewelry-making materials!

4. Stainless steel + natural = my ideal office space, via Apartment Therapy

5. Entangled Publishing call for submissions with a holiday theme

Got a romantic short story or novella with a holiday theme? Check out Entangled’s requirements, then get your stuff out there!

6. Three times you should use a comma, via The Write Practice

Much easier to remember than whenΒ not to use a comma. Next up: apostrophes (not actually sure about that, but it should be).

7. Mind-controlled robot arms show promise, via Nature

THIS, my friends, is the dream of the future. Watch it and weep for joy (or from fear, depending on your outlook)!

8. Power postures can make you feel more powerful, via Wired

Power postures are more than just standing up straight. They’re positions that make you feel BIG. Stretch out. Take up some space. Open your lungs. Breathe deeply. Shove your way into that interview and show ’em who’s boss! (er… take that last bit lightly, please).

9. How to walk on the sidewalk like a reasonable human being, via SFist

Walk on the right. Pass on the left.


10. Finally, ten crucial proofreading tips, via Working Writers

Gah, even we professionals need a reminder now and then. Great words of wisdom, especially that part about taking breaks. Also: buddy checks are crucial for some materials. It’s always nice to have someone else find the errors you missed! HAHA. Well, it’s humbling, anyway πŸ˜‰

That’s all for now πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful weekend!

What are some great things you’ve seen this week?

Got any fun plans for the weekend?

4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the proofreading tips link – my editing company puts out a newsletter where we share helpful links like that with clients so I might grab that one for our next! I love the Playboy Bunny guidelines – hilarious. A Bunny Council? Too funny! And I can give a “hells yah!” to the “What They Don’t Tell You at Graduation” article. Lol. Pretty much all true…

  2. That magnetic implant is just a bit crazy! But to each there own πŸ™‚ Loving the links as always. Oh and the sidewalk politics are so true…but if you live in another country it’s the reverse. I learnt that real fast! (prob cuz we drive on the other side of the road)

    1. Haha! Yes, foreigners are exempt πŸ™‚ Native San Franciscans, however, have no excuse! I can’t even imagine trying to drive on the opposite side. I’d have to imagine I’m James Bond or something, to do so, haha! πŸ˜‰

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