Things I Love Thursday

Hello, friends!

First, a short announcement that I’ll be transitioning everyone’s favorite Things I Love Thursday to a twice-a-month posting instead of weekly, starting the week after next. Just so it’s not all kinds of overwhelming for you OR for me and frees up some space for me to write other stuff.

And next… er, I didn’t really have any “next.” Except this week’s weblicious delights! Enjoy! 😀

1. A cute’n’breezy font you can download for free! From Font Squirrel via How About Orange:

2. Ziggy Stardust 40th Anniversary reissue, via Rolling Stone:

David Bowie plays Mick Ronson's guitar, Oxford Town Hall, June 17, 1972 by Oliver Craske

The album that changed my life and defined the foundation for my personal space oddity. Do I NEED a reissue? No. Will I happily accept the full DVD reissue if someone were to give it to me as a gift? Oh, well, you don’t have to. But if you must.

3. Seven adorable Mad Men-worthy spring dresses, via 7×7:

This pink one’s my fave. Cute for work! I work from home, but if someone (moi?) were to have a spring party, I’d wear one of these dresses to that.

4. When catastrophe strikes, emulate the octopus. Via Wired.

They’re extremely adaptable and deal with survival in a variety of ways: everything from changing color to shooting their black ink to changing shape.

Wired says:

This ability to both observe problems and then respond to them with multiple solutions is a hallmark of the most adaptable organisms on earth. The trick is not in knowing the single solution. It’s having lots of different options and solutions to turn to.

Sounds like a critter I can look up to. An excellent article about an animal to emulate.

5. Foam Magazine shared LACMA’s California Design exhibit, “Living in a Modern Way”:

I would take a trip down to LA just to see this. What incredible design!

6. Balanced Bites shared some lemon-rosemary broiled salmon:

A super-easy recipe that’s full of super-nutrition. I love the addition of rosemary! Great idea.

7. Mocha chocolate cake with mocha buttercream frosting, from The Fit Cookie:

Oh, dear. This looks soooooo good. And it’s free of refined ingredients, vegan, gluten-free, common-allergen-free… So, it’s totally share-able in any environment. Maybe I’ll make it this weekend. Will post pics if I do!

8. Million-dollar misprints, via The Grindstone:

These are crazy but understandable mistakes!

If you ever needed a reason to hire a proofreader (ahem), here it is. Seriously, these are million-dollar lawsuits! Granted, that guy should have questioned his offer letter, but still… Proofreaders: We Catch Costly Mistakes. That should be my new tagline.

9. This gorgeous, colorful room:

I found this on Pinterest and have NO idea where it came from. If you know where this photo originated and/or if you are the photographer, please let me know! Thanks!

10. Finally, are these the cutest spring treats ever, or what? Via Sweet Sugarbelle:

They’re made with Jordan Almonds! SO CUTE and springy. I’d almost feel bad eating them.

That’s all for now! Have a wonderful weekend!

What are some great things you’ve seen this week?

Got any fun plans for the weekend?

11 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Oh my gosh…how cute are those jordan almonds!!! i always look forward to these posts…they are so great! This weekend I’ll be studying, cooking, and gyming it with some relaxation thrown in there too. I also want to go over my goals from the beginning of the year to see where I’m at… What about you?

    1. Ooh, good for you to review! I’m always impressed. Aren’t those almonds adorable?? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine (unlikely!) ~ Saturday’s my b-day and some friends are having a BBQ and I want to do that and go for a b-day run! May just have to do it all in the rain. Could be worse, I suppose 🙂 I’m lucky to have friends AND a healthy rainfall for the garden!

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