Things I Love Thursday

March so far has been IN like the proverbial lion. Actually, like a lioness defending her cubs! Curious to see if the rest of the month will continue to be so roar-iffic. Looking forward to the weekend. Fun stuff like fixing my dead scooter, weeding, and going to storage ~ yes! 😉 How ’bout you? Any good plans? Hope it’s a good one, whatever you do and wherever you are.

And now, some good stuff collected over the last week. Enjoy!

1. A Day in the Life of California, via Ryan Killacky on Vimeo:

A sweet little video about my favorite place in the world….

2. From Smithsonian Mag, the story of the most common bird in the world:

An amazing story. It’s not just about a little bird, but about Communisum in China under Mao, ecology, and the growth of cities. Fascinating read and beautifully written.

It is sometimes only when a species is removed that we see clearly its value. When sparrows are rare, we often see their benefits; when they are common, we see their curse.

3. Safe Cosmetics: Five Tips for Frugal Shoppers via Crazy Sexy Life:

Obviously, if you’re following my 52 Tips, you’re already in the know about making your own! 😉

But buying in bulk and (gasp!) doing without are other frugal options. Read the whole thing and get some great ideas.

4. What’s so bad about preservatives? Ask Georgie answered.

They’re carcinogenic, for one thing.

Fresh foods rule!

5. From ScienceNOW via Wired: How Dolphins Say Hello!

Excellent information for the coming age of dolphin overlords.

So, basically, it’s like a fist-bump… right?

6. How About Orange found these gorgeous seamless textures at Subtle Patterns:

Lovely soft designs for web designers and bloggers!

7. San Francisco Turned Me Straight, by the always-great Anna Pulley on Salon.

Sometimes I think S.F. is one of those Emerald City-type places where, free of many of the cultural or religious constraints that plague other cities, you can be the truest version of yourself, or at least have a really good time exploring untrue versions of yourself along the way. It’s a city that embraces the idea of potential, not limitations. I realize, of course, that sexuality can’t really be articulated or altered by a ZIP code, but all this flip-flopping seemed pervasive to me, and I figured the City itself, its brazenness, its tendency toward experimentation and spectacle, had to at least play a role in this shifting sexual mind-set.

A fun romp through the best city in the world, where various definitions of sexuality are commonplace.

We like to name things because it gives us a sense of order and comfort. So we can feel connected to one another. If I say I’m a daughter we all know what that means. Or a liberal, or a feminist, or a molecular biologist. But sexuality often doesn’t work that way. If you don’t look the part of a queer, then you don’t exist.

It’s a fantastic essay ~ check it out!

8. Including Cake shared their delish Quinoa and Chickpea burgers

An excellent, healthy, whole-foods, high-protein, vegan, gluten-free meal (or snack)!

9. Flourless peanut butter ginger cookies from The Edible Perspective


10. Finally, the Healthy Diva schooled us on guilt-free eating AND gave us a recipe for high-protein muffins!

Score! She’s the best. Check out her blog for massive inspiration.

That’s all for now! Have a wonderful weekend!

What are some great things you’ve seen this week?

Got any fun plans for the weekend?

3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Love these posts….they are the best! thanks for the link up, your words are so sweet! I love following all your natural beauty posts and really enjoyed the safe cosmetics link. I really want to invest in some basic ‘clean’ make-up. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Yay! It’s mutual, then 🙂 I think in America the “safe cosmetics” thing can be so tough because of the lack of standards. It seems like Europe is way ahead of the game here. That said, I love the German company Logona: They make the perfect red lipstick that is SAFE. I also like Dr. Hauschka’s Translucent Makeup a lot: Aubrey Organics is another one I’d recommend:

      Hmmmmm… maybe I should do a post on this at some point 🙂 Happy almost-weekend!

      1. yes definitely! I think a lot of people would really be interested in this topic…i know i am. thanks for the recommendations. I’ll be checking them out now 🙂

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