Things I Love Thursday: Special Valentine’s Edition

I’ll admit ~ I can be a fool for love. I’m also a fool for anything red or pink ~ or chocolate ~ and let’s not forget that I write (and read) romantic fiction! And while I can’t say doilies and red-cheeked Cupids are exactly my style, I do think it’s hard to go wrong with a day entirely devoted to LOVE in all shapes and forms.

So, in honor of next week’s V-Day, here are some supercute ~ or superdelicious ~ neat-o, maybe non-traditional, Valentine’s Day things I love from around the webs. Enjoy!

1. Raspberry White-Chocolate Cheesecake Bars via MyRecipes:

For the non-chocolate-eating loved ones in your life.

2. From GeekSugar: 50 Geeky Valentine’s Day Dates

Including: Make a pot of Earl Grey tea and watch a Star Trek marathon ~ which sounds like a normal day around here! Hahaha. It’s true. Especially now that you can Netflix all of the old Star Treks! All of ’em! Oh, geeks. Yes, we are.

3. Super-great bike-themed Valentine e-cards from the San Francisco Bike Coalition:

4. Easy Melted Crayon Hearts from Martha Stewart Living:

Especially good if you have extra crayon nubs that you just know you can do something crafty with.

5. How to have a romantic Valentine’s Day alone, via The Frisky:

I personally would ditch the socks and do a pedicure instead, but to each her (or his, I suppose) own.

6. Awesome e-cards from someecards, always telling it like it is:

7. How to Make a Realistic Duct Tape Rose, via Instructables:

I think my honey might end up with black and silver roses. So Goth!

8. Via various craft blogs & Pinterest: Make a Deck of Cards Love Book


Beyond Valentine’s Day, I feel like this “book made with a deck of cards” has so many possibilities!

9. And don’t forget Rover and Fluffy! Valentine’s Day treats for your pets, via Etsy:

Not sure about Goldie and Tweetster, though…

10. Finally, I think this necklace says it all. Via Etsy (of course!):

I lurve youuuuuu! Have a fab-o weekend, y’all! ❤

Are you a lover of love? A dreamer of dreams? Or a more practical, common-sense type?

Do you have any special Valentine’s Day plans?

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