Things I Love Thursday

Happy almost-Friday! It’s a big weekend around here ~ NO, not because of the Super Bowl. Our beloved 49ers did not make the cut. Big because on Sunday, I’ll be running my very first half marathon! I’m excited and only a little bit nervous, and I promise to post a post-race update 🙂

On other notes, I feel like there were some amazing blog posts, images, and news in the past week or so. Do you feel the same way? It was tough to pick just ten this week! Without further ado, here are the ones that made the cut. Enjoy!

1. From Smithsonian Magazine, gorgeous pictures from the Orchid Olympics:

2. The Beauty Department passed along some great tips for Blow-Drying Heavy Bangs.

One thing I always forget is their very first tip:

Always blow out your bangs while your hair is super wet.

D’oh! So that’s why my bangs frizz in weird ways some days. Click through the post for more excellent advice.

3. Via Dollar Store Crafts: Two-Ingredient Strawberry Fudge.

Seriously. It’s only two ingredients! And it’s pink! So easy and cute!

Did someone say Valentine’s Day??

4. Dolphins have learned to speak whale!

Via Boing Boing but posted all over the place. Okay, this is like a mermaid dream come true.

5. The Zhush displayed some beautiful ideas for decorating with stars.

6. The Subversive Copy Editor had some excellent tips for Responding to Electronic Editing.

Including what I personally think is a huge, vital, very valuable tip:

It’s best never to click Accept All Changes in Document, because that would render invisible your own new insertions and deletions, which your editor needs to see.

Click through for the rest. Writers AND editors, check it out!

7. Smitten Kitchen shared Buttermilk Roast Chicken.

Whoa. All-day chicken? Sounds like a Super Bowl party dream come true!

8. Confused by women’s clothing sizes? Slate explained why they will never make any sense.

What kills me is when I buy vintage clothes that are, like, ten full sizes larger than what I normally wear. Or how I can wear a full THREE SIZE DIFFERENCE between Old Navy and Ann Taylor. It’s so crazy!

9. Apartment Therapy showed off this stunning indoor swimming pool:

I am literally swooning with envy.

10. Finally, Real Simple had a quiz that might surprise you: What’s More Eco-Friendly?

Boo hoo! I did not do nearly as well as I thought I would. How good did YOU do?

Aaaaannnnd…. I’m out! Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

What are some great things you’ve seen this week?

Got any fun plans for the weekend??

6 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Great things I’ve seen this week: this post (love the pics from smithsonian mag) and seeing my beautiful friend launch her book. No big plans for the weekend except for a job interview….getting nervous!!

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