Things I Love Thursday

I don’t know what the temps are like where you are, but I’m loving the springlike weather we have in San Francisco right now. I’m itching to go for a nice long run at the beach today ~ will see if my schedule can make that happen. In the meantime, without further ado, here are some of my faves from around the webs… for your viewing and reading pleasure. Happy Thursday!

1. Pinterest!

Oh, dear. I’m on it and I’ve caught the fever. It’s an easy way to create idea-vision-inspiration-dream boards for anything you desire. Lemme know if you’re on Pinterest already ~ I’d love to check out your boards, too!

If you’re not on it and want to be, drop me a note and I can get you hooked up.

2. Girl Walk // All Day

If you haven’t yet been introduced to this amazing film, I’m honored to be your hostess. Set aside an hour or so and watch it all the way through. It’s one of the most incredible and inspiring pieces of work I’ve seen in a long time!

It’s a danceathon love story journey of life set to mash-up artist Girl Talk’s album “All Day.” Just watch it. Get inspired. Dance!!

Oh yeah, also: move the furniture and turn up the volume!

3. Craft brought us these adorable Mini-Shell Succulent Planters by Radmegan:

Radmegan's Mini-Shell Succulents

Succulents are super-easy to take care of because they require little water and can thrive with indirect sunlight. Unfortunately, our cats eat any plants we bring in, so unless they’re hanging or cacti, we can’t keep ’em indoors. Good thing shells look great on the porch!

4. Via Breakti NYC, an inspiring reminder from Thich Nhat Hanh:

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

5. Writer Jeff Goins reminded us of The Most Neglected Writing Tip:

Learn your craft! Yes, writers, that includes taking care of your grammar and punctuation. It’s CRUCIAL. And if you don’t know it or don’t get it, please, get a professional to look over your stuff.

Ahem ~ my rates are reasonable 😉

From Jeff:

This is not optional.

Whether you like it or not, you need to learn about the less-exciting aspects of what you do, such as grammar and punctuation. (Well, those are fun and exciting for me, but not most people.)

This includes other aspects of what you do. For example, if you’re a freelancer, you need to learn about running a business and marketing. You may need to brush up on networking and connecting with people.

There’s no way around it. If you want to be good at something (anything), you have to learn your craft.

6. Jane Friedman enlightened us: 7 Ways Meditation Increases Creativity

I realized the other day I’ve been practicing meditation for 20 years ~ I simply can’t imagine my life without moments of quieting my brain! I don’t always have a formal sitting practice: meditation is often a moving practice for me, in yoga, running, or swimming. The benefits of meditation are bountiful and, thankfully, modern medicine is finally starting to take it seriously.

If you’re new to meditation, start simple and small. Check out my guide for beginners, How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation. Here’s more from Jane:

Regular meditation develops our ability to appreciate what we’re achieving and getting right, as well as what still has to be done. To enjoy what we are making in the moment of its making. To value process as much as product.

7. San Fran gal Meghan Ward offered 25 Ways to Build Your Author Platform Before Your Book is Published

Not just blogging, Twitter, and Facebook! She includes ideas about guest blogging, knowing your booksellers… and, of course, billboards.

8. Boing Boing brought us a unique reunion story: Lost Ring Found on Carrot

This woman lost her wedding ring 16 years ago, only to have it reappear on a carrot in her garden!

9. Janet Reid, Literary Agent, got an Alot!

Hyperbole and a Half's Alot

Even cuter, it’s a Thanks Alot. Click through to see the pics of her Alot. How adorable and brilliant! If you’re not familiar with the Alot, you MUST check out Hyperbole and a Half’s classic introduction to its mythology.

10. And Chuck Wendig of Terribleminds let us know 25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing:

Stop Running Away… Stop Thinking It Should Be Easier… Stop Blaming Everybody Else… and my favorite, Stop Trying to Control Shit You Can’t Control:

ALL THAT out there? All the industry shit and the reviews and the Amazonian business practices? The economy? The readers? You can’t control any of that. You can respond to it. You can try to get ahead of it. But you can’t control it. Control what you can, which is your writing and the management of your career.

On that note, I’m off to control my life. Have a beautiful day!

Do you meditate ~ in any form? Do you find it helps your creative life?

Is there something in your writing life that you know you should stop doing but … can’t? Or won’t?

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