Things I Love Thursday

I always love the ocean... no matter what day of the week!

Happy Thursday, everyone! It’s been an amazingly inspired week so far and I’m happy the year is off to such a good start.

Onward and upward! Some of my faves from around the webs…

1. From Copyblogger: 31 Pro Tips for a Successful, Satisfying, and Insanely Profitable 2012

Some excellent tips in this article! Particularly useful information for writers and entrepreneurs but they can be applied to anyone, in any field, really!

  • Leo Babauta, of my fave blog Zen Habits, says: Don’t mistake busy-ness for effectiveness.
  • Erika Napoletano, the sassy firestarter behind Redhead Writing says: Be you, be true, have an opinion. Opinions start conversations — being wishy washy sends people running.
  • And the always-inspiring Jonathan Fields says:

To stay sane, productive and creative, pulse and refuel. Ninety minutes of intense focused work, then 10 to 30 minutes of any activities that completely removes you from work. Meditate, walk, exercise, listen to music, eat great food. This allows the part of your brain responsible for problem-solving, attention and creativity to refuel and helps stoke self-regulation — aka willpower — that keeps the mean-nasties and distraction at bay.

Read all 31 tips when you can ~ they’re super-inspiring.

2. From WOW! Women On Writing: The Writer’s Diet OR How to Balance With Writing, Food and Exercise

Writers know… it can be so easy to sit all day. WOW! calls it the “butt-in-chair nature of writing.” I can relate, can you?

This short and effective post has some great advice on balancing the desire (or need) to sit and write all day with the essential needs of exercise and healthy eating habits.

3. Running Foodie showed us how to Cook Your Own Beans in the Slow Cooker

TBH, this is something I’ve always wanted to try but have shied away from for some reason. I think I’ve been afraid the beans would turn out too mushy, causing too much waste (beans, time, energy). But not so! At least according to RF. Check it out and get your cheap legume living on!

4. The Art of Manliness shared: How to Handle Being Out of Your Depth: 6 Tips from a Con Man

Strangely practical advice. For example:

The next time you’re at an event where you feel like everyone is staring at you, try to relax and realize that people probably aren’t paying attention to you. Abagnale found that if he strode confidently and purposefully wherever he wanted to go, people were unlikely to question him at all. He acted like he belonged, so people assumed that he did.

Fake it till you make it! Always one of my favorite methods 🙂 Or this:

When you’re dressed appropriately, and you feel like you look good, your confidence goes up, and this effect is only compounded as people treat you with more respect.

Yep ~ look good, feel good. I’ll add that even if you’re a telecommuter, work from home, or are a SAHM, dress for work! I promise, it will improve your self-esteem and confidence levels tremendously. No yoga pants (unless you’re a yoga teacher), and no sweats ~ get dressed!

5. From Clean Eating Magazine: Sharpen Your Mind

Simple, everyday tips that can help keep your brain healthy and vital.

6. Rue Magazine shared this gorgeous living room, courtesy of Remash:

7. Boing Boing reminded us how to advertise to girls.

I didn’t play with Legos, but I wasn’t allowed to have gender-specific toys: no dolls or fake pink kitchens, etc. Instead, I played outside a LOT, had stuffed-animal friends, and read oodles. I think I turned out pretty okay as a result (and girly enough, eh?)!

8. From The Beauty Department: this adorable short twist.

Alas, my own hair is way too long for this style, but it sure is cute!

9. Becoming Minimalist offered one of my all-time favorite tips: Don’t Just Declutter, De-own

Who cares if you’re well-organized if you still have a bunch of junk in your trunks? Let go, let go, let go.

They say:

Simply organizing our stuff (without removing it) is always only a temporary solution. By definition, organizing possessions is an action that must be repeated over and over and over again. At its heart, organizing is simply rearranging.

And on that note, I’m off to clean photos from my laptop! Have a wonderful day!

Are you a de-clutterer or a de-owner at heart?

What were some of your favorite things from around the web this week?

4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I’m an organizer but you would not know it now as I have no motivation to go in and clean house with the beautiful weather we are having. I am setting a goal to organize one room at a time that way I don’t get frazzled.

    Love your links!

    1. I hear ya ~ we have been so lucky to start the year with so much sunshine! But there’s cleaning to be done, darn it! 😉 Ah, well. Whenever we get around to it will be the right time… right? 🙂

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