Things I Love Thursday

Following the tradition of great bloggers and photographers around the globe, I’m instituting one of my favorite bloggy themes: Things I Love Thursday, also sometimes known as Thursday Things. Ten things (or thereabouts) from around the Internets that I love for any reason. It’s random and educational! 🙂 Enjoy and happy almost-Friday.

1. Yoga with Santa

from “Santa’s Christmas Routine” by Sanga Yoga

Brought to you by the creative minds at Sanga Yoga, this e-book is both adorable and beautifully produced!

2. Gluten-free Almond Butter Espresso Freezer Cookies

(from Eating Bird Food)

Courtesy of Eating Bird Food. All I have to say is YUM. And I love the idea of using chia as an egg replacer. I have a delicious sugar-free protein cookie recipe, made with almond butter and chia, that got me through triathlon training. I’ll have to post ’em up here one of these days!

3. A Year of Discipline

Having trouble coming up with resolutions for the new year? This Harlequin Blaze author practiced a different discipline each month during 2011, including a month of going to the gym every day; giving up coffee for a month; and giving away an item a day to Goodwill.

It reminds me of 2010, when I resolved not to buy any clothes for an entire year. That resolution was so successful, in fact, I’m thinking of doing it again this year!

One of last year’s resolutions was to complete my first triathlon. As we know, it was a huge success. This year, I’ll be doing my first marathon: the San Francisco Marathon on July 31! After that, who knows?

Do you make resolutions? Do you stick to them?

4. Speaking of triathlons…

I registered for the Mermaid Triathlon in Alameda! I’ll admit, my first one was so much fun, I can hardly wait to start training for my second. The Mermaid Series events are fun and supportive, and they’re women-only! Interested in joining me?

5. Vintage Spacemen Magazine covers


For those of you who don’t know, my nickname for years has been Spacegirl (alternatively known as Spacekitten). It’s a long story why, but suffice it to say, I have a soft spot (very soft) for vintage sci-fi images. So when I saw these old issues of Spacemen Magazine, I just about flipped.

6. Tomboy Style

from Tomboy Style

One of my new favorite fashion blogs. Super-classy, prep-meets-urban, girl-meets-outdoors.

Another soft spot? Aspen in the 1970s. Swoooooooon.

7. Before and After: Tahoe Cabin Makeover

(from Sunset Magazine online)

Needless to say, I would like to dress in some cute Tomboy Style clothes with a ’70s Aspen twist and hang out here.

8. The art of Lori Earley

(art by Lori Earley)

Any and all, but particularly this lovely lamb image.

9. The Mel Bochner exhibit at the National Gallery of Art

Amazing! by Mel Bochner

If you’re in D.C., you’ve got to check it out!

10. NPR’s Favorite New Artists of 2011

Free music downloads! Also, good stuff 🙂

Any other good stuff I missed out on over the last week?

Happy Thursday! 

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