Thanks for taking the time to check out my new blog!

To consolidate my web presence, I’ll be posting here from now on (instead of at shapeshifteryoga.blogspot.com, although you’re welcome to review my old posts over there any time). Please make a note of it and update your bookmarks and feeds as necessary.

I have a lot of exciting things planned for andreadrugay.com in 2012!

Expect lots of updates and new posts on my (and your) favorite topics, including:

  • writing, editing, and publishing
  • health & wellness
  • food (recipes!!)
  • yoga, running, triathlons, and general fitness
  • travel
  • art & culture
  • green living

One big project in the works is a year-long guide to natural health and beauty. Stay tuned ~ it’s gonna be a fun one!

As always, I welcome comments and discussion. Please feel free to link, re-post, FB, Tweet, and share my posts in any way you see fit (with proper credit, of course do I even have to say it?).

And, by the way, if there’s any topic you’d like to see covered here, ask away! I’m always happy to hear what y’all are thinking out there, so please, don’t be shy.

Thanks and have a wonderful mid-holiday season. Read on for a few yoga tips to use if you’re feeling overwhelmed by holiday travel!


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Writer and editor in San Francisco. Lover of all things healthy & wise. Blogger, runner, yogi, author of books available @Amazon!

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